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Education Consultancy

I have over 9 years experience working in a range of education settings as a teacher, coordinator and subject leader with a specialist interest in holistic well-being for students, staff and families.



I have many years experience delivering fun, engaging and educational Yoga classes for children and families.

Classes can be delivered to children and families during school time or during after school clubs.

Classes are differentiated appropriately to meet a range of different needs.

Joyful Life Guide life coaching for teachers


Teaching is a mission, and being a teacher is a wonderful job that doesn’t often finish when you leave the school building every day, so it can be difficult to disconnect.

Life coaching offers an incomparable occasion to reflect on yourself as an educator and leader.


Coaching can benefit both young teachers wanting to build a long and satisfying career and experienced teachers willing to refresh their approach to teaching.

Teachers involved in a series of life coaching sessions will acquire a certain level of self-awareness about their role, their approach to teaching, and their being part of a bigger team, in order to prevent stress and promote a healthy work-life balance, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

By the end of the course of coaching sessions, teachers will learn how to set healthy boundaries to cope with overworking, how to regulate emotions, how to use assertiveness to respond properly to colleagues, students, and families’ demands, and how to maximize their strengths in order to improve time management.

This can support with retaining staff and developing a cohesive school community.

Sessions can take place 1:1 in person or online.

Alexander Holloway Joyfull Life Guide coaching for teachers

Creative Free Dance

Creative free dance sessions offer children a wonderful opportunity to spontaneously express themselves to music. 

This can help with:

  • Developing creativity

  • Self-expression

  •  Problem solving

  • Physical fitness

  • Improving mood

  • Focus and learning

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