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Meet Alex



I'm Alex Holloway.

I specialise in coaching my clients to reduce stress and create more time to do what they truly love so they can live life to the fullest.

I am a father of 3 boys and for over 8 years I worked with young children as an Early Years Specialist Teacher.

Every day I saw the joy and wonder that young children freely express.

Then I saw the adults around me.

Dissatisfied with their lives and careers.


Not pursuing their authentic passions and life goals.

Where did all of that childhood joy go??

In 2015 I hit a personal and professional wall.

Burnt out and depressed I discovered there was NO sustainable support available, especially from my doctor.

So I decided to take ACTION and work out what had gone WRONG in my life.

I made a huge amount of progress, raising my foundation of holistic well-being through the ROOF.

But, it was a LONG journey.

When you try to make progress ALONE you WASTE a lot of time and effort.

You have to follow a TRIAL and ERROR approach.

I became a certified coach so I could support  YOU shoulder to shoulder to quickly live your best life.


As a certified life coach, let me show you how to reduce stress, find balance, time, holistic well-being, your personal authenticity and how to live your best and most joyful life today!

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