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Meet Alex

Alexander Holloway (RCYT, PGDip, PGCE, BSc (Hons))  is a passionate advocate for human-centered, embodied, and holistic well-being interventions. With a diverse background in psychosocial sciences, primary education, creative free dance, life coaching, and children's yoga, Alexander brings a unique and multifaceted approach to his work.


With nine years of experience as an outstanding qualified primary school teacher, Alexander understands the importance of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit in the educational setting. Drawing from his personal journey as a dyslexic individual with ADHD, he possesses a deep empathy and understanding for the diverse needs of learners. Alexander is dedicated to providing accessible and practical well-being modalities that can be easily implemented in both grassroots and top-level environments.


As a creative free dance facilitator and life coach, Alexander empowers individuals to express themselves through movement and explore the limitless possibilities of their bodies. His coaching expertise encompasses various areas, including traditional life coaching, coaching in the workplace, coaching through nature, and coaching through art. By integrating these approaches, he helps his clients unlock their full potential and overcome obstacles on their path to personal growth and success.


Additionally, Alexander is a skilled children's yoga teacher, recognizing the importance of introducing holistic practices at a young age. Through his engaging and age-appropriate yoga sessions, he cultivates mindfulness, body awareness, and self-acceptance in children. By fostering a positive relationship between movement and learning, he promotes healthy habits and well-being for future generations.


Alexander Holloway's mission is clear: to offer high-quality, accessible, and non-invasive well-being interventions centered around movement and learning. By employing a range of practical modalities, he strives to enhance the overall quality of life for individuals across all generations. With a genuine passion for empowering others, Alexander is dedicated to creating positive change and helping every body reach their full potential.

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