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Dance meditation is a free form dance practice in which you join together with a group of dancers to abandon yourself to the rhythm of a musical journey.

Alex is an experienced dance meditation facilitator who holds space for you to move your body freely to music without instructions or judgement leading to a loss of self-awareness, flow states, emotional release, deep self-connection and feelings of ecstasy.

Dance meditation serves as a form of mindfulness meditation, assisting with the release of stress and the attainment of peace.

Forms of dance meditation have been practiced throughout human history as a result of the many well being benefits experienced by attendees.

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Dance Meditation International online courses

Dance Meditation Courses

Our dance meditation courses are tailored to your needs and can progressively build the habit of a nurturing dance meditation practice in your life.

Dance Meditation International Live Events

Live Events

Since 2018 Dance Meditation International have facilitated a range of live dance meditation events for adults, families and children throughout the UK and beyond.

Dance Meditation International online

Dance Meditation Online

Dance Meditation International also lead online dance meditation sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Dance Meditation International Testimonial Pundarika


Dance Meditation International sessions provide a wonderfully curated set list of music that allows me to explore the dance intention we are invited to set at the start of each session.

I love exploring movements as they emerge in this creative and nurturing space that has been created.

Without fail I end the session buzzing with energy and full of joy at the deeper connection with my self that these sessions enable.

Dance Meditation International Testimonial Pamela


As a therapist I often feel powerless and physically tired.

After we finished the dance meditation I felt a lightness and unlocked not only my physical body but my emotional body.

My pains decreased which is fantastic and amazing. I forgot how important it is to dance, to let go. Thank you so much for this wonderful time.

Dance Meditation International Testimonial 3


Just had a fantastic dance meditation session with Alex. I love dancing, but this is a whole new, enlightening experience. I felt so peaceful by the end of it and have never felt so free to express myself. Wonderfully guided by the great selection of music and excellent hosting by Alex. I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you Alex!