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Laughter Yoga For Health and Happiness 


Are you stressed out, depressed and having health problems?

Do you want to bring more laughter and joy into your life?

Laughter Yoga is the right choice for you.


Laughter Yoga (LY) is not a comedy. It is an exercise program developed by Indian physician Dr Madan Kataria where anyone can laugh without relying on humour, jokes or comedies. It is practised in more than 110 countries.

It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques (Pranayama) which brings more oxygen to our body and brain making us feel more energetic and healthy. Ten to 15 minutes of LY exercises can reduce stress, make your immune system stronger and keep your mind positive during challenging times.

Laughter yoga taps into a deep-seated need to laugh that, for one reason or another, is being stifled. Young children can laugh hundreds of times a day. But as we get older, the fun begins to stop – our brains learn how to temper our emotions in tune with the needs of others.


Laughing causes the body to release endorphins that act as a natural painkiller!

A recent study published in the journal Preventive Medicine suggests that people who laugh regularly with friends and family could be significantly less likely to develop health problems than those who do not!

Further research, in Nursing & Health Sciences, indicates that laughter dramatically suppresses stress hormones, such as cortisol, reduces anxiety through lowering adrenaline levels and activates the body’s natural relaxation system!

Alex is fully trained and certified by Laughter Yoga International and is available for group, retreat and workshop bookings in person and online!

Laughter Yoga Testimonials

“The laughter Yoga was great, my jaw still aches”

“Your session was SO much fun Alexander Everyone needs laughter yoga in their life xx”


“Your laughter yoga was amazing! I think I almost did die laughing ”


“Laughter Yoga- an absolute must, a great tonic.”


“I’m relaxed and still laughing ”

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