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Children's Yoga taught by an experienced school teacher.

Our daughter Ela age 6 enjoyed Alex’s Yoga classes which are full of fun & relaxation.

Alex is a lovely person that you makes you feel relaxed as soon as you meet him.

Thank you Alex for bringing Mini Yoga to West Wales


 Yoga For Your Child.
Yoga For Your Family.

Are you looking for a fun, engaging, easy and quick solution to support your child's mental and physical health and wellbeing taught by an experienced Primary School Teacher?


Children's Yoga is a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop confidence, flexibility, strength, listening skills and easy to use methods to relax that will last a lifetime!


Alex has taught children's Yoga to preschoolers-tweens for many years in and out of schools and online using an approach that focuses on Yoga Asanas (movement), Pranayama (breath work), meditation, mindfulness and many related Yogic principles.

As a qualified school teacher with years of experience teaching children Alex uses a holistic approach to Yoga education. This encompasses an understanding of child developmental stages, interests and how best to communicate learning principles whilst also making the learning fun and engaging!

Moving beyond Yoga, Alex is able to asses in the moment learning opportunities to teach about many topics relevant to the age and stage of the individual children he teaches. This includes personal, social and emotional development, phonics, knowledge and understanding of world and more!

Your Options

Alexander Holloway teaching Mini Yoga International

Live in-person Yoga lessons

Alex has considerable experience leading live in-person Yoga classes for ages 4+ with the added benefit of 8 years experience as a Primary School teacher!

We teach Yoga in schools and offer private 1:1 tuition to individuals and families.


Live online Yoga lessons

In addition to our in-person classes we are also available to teach children's Yoga classes online.

By completing our registration form we can tailor our classes to suit the specific needs and interests of your child from beginners to experienced Yogis!

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Mini Yoga International videos

If you would prefer access to on-demand prerecorded children's Yoga videos then please visit our YouTube channel or subscribe to our member's only subscription content for a wider range of videos tailored to your child's interests.

 A Few Places
We Are Featured:

Girlguiding Mini Yoga International
Urdd Mini Yoga International


"My child has made new friends."

"My child has begun socialising with new children outside of his school, being able to express himself and developing the confidence to attend classes all by himself."


"Alex's Yoga classes helped my youngest to find calming strategies."


"Very much enjoyed the sessions!"


"Alex is a fantastic teacher."


"Its lovely... love the way you make the actual yoga fun with the right level of education in there too."

"(my child has) been attending a class once a week for the last year, and wow does it make a difference to his self esteem. It’s so important to teach kids the importance of meditation and yoga, giving him the right tools he’ll need into his teens and adulthood."

"Rowan absolutely loves going to yoga and Alexander Holloway is such a lovely, caring and community driven soul. I’m so happy that we have so many wonderful opportunities and experiences for our children in our area."

“From day one of working with Alex, I have been nothing but impressed with how he is able to find the perfect balance between professionalism and playfulness. Family yoga with Alex has quickly become one of our favourite times of the month and something we ALL look forward to.


As a mum I’m always looking for different ways to bring the family together but it’s rare I find activities that suit everyones needs, let alone build connection between us- family yoga ticks all the boxes.


Alex provides a safe place where we can truly be present with one another without any other distractions. The most amazing part for me is that throughout the session we are out of our usual ‘family roles’ no longer mum, dad and children but five equals enjoying the same space together in the same way- this for me is magic.


Alex is also excellent at showing us how to take the skills we are learning during Family Yoga sessions and apply them in our everyday family time, so we can continue to learn, grow and connect together and it’s not just a one time experience.


We always end the session full of love and always smiling.”

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