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A, B, C Monday: Sustainability, anchors, and letting go

Sent by Alexander Holloway | June 20, 2022

Welcome to the Joyful Life Guide A, B, C Monday newsletter.

Here are A. 3 Joyful ideas from me, B. 2 Joyful thoughts from others and C. Something to consider this week.

A. Joyful ideas from me


“Unlike immediate momentary pleasure, true joy takes hard work to embed but is ultimately sustainable.”

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“When things feel out of control (which many things are), practice returning to simple and immediate anchors to ground you, such as a slow breath cycle.”

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“There are many things we cling to out of habit and emotion that can be immediately let go of to unlock huge amounts of joy, energy and time.”

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B. It was once said…


Journalist, author and endurance athlete Matt Fitzgerald on the importance of homeostasis :

“For the only time homeostasis fails is when we are no longer alive.”


Author and teacher Dr. Joe Vitale on self-improvement:

“loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself, and as you improve yourself, you improve your world.”


C. Something to consider this week:

“Living joyfully is a choice.

It may be difficult to begin.

But with small enough steps,

Anything is possible.

Define what joy is for you.

Determine where to begin first.

Decide the smallest step you will take.


Until next Monday,

Alexander Holloway

Joyful Life Guide

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