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Chakra Dance Course

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At Dance Meditation International our many live and online dance meditation events are an excellent way to relieve stress, have fun, meet a tribe of  fellow dancers and reconnect to the inner wisdom of your body.


But, to truly dive deep and integrate the lasting benefits of dance meditation  into your life on a daily basis it is essential to practice regularly in a progressive manner.

Practice requires building upon our actions at each step and reflecting upon our progress so that we can gradually move closer to our goals and improve each time.

Our progressive Chakra Dance Course is designed to do just that.

Chakras are the energy centres that we all have within our body/aura field.


It is believed that life forces called either ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ flow in and out of us via each of the chakras.

There are seven major chakras in total and each of the chakras are linked to particular areas of life.

 Balanced, open, and strong chakras create balance, flow, and ease in life.

What does the course include?

8 weekly live online dance meditation

Each week during the 8 week course Alex will meet you live online and lead you through a themed dance meditation based on a particular chakra. All sessions are recorded and accessible to you afterwards.

Library of  dance mixes

You will be given access to a members-only library of downloadable pre-recorded music playlists.

Chakra Dance Group

You will have access to an exclusive Dance Meditation International Chakra Dance Course Facebook Group to share your favourite music, discuss the week’s dance topics and hang out with fellow dance meditators!

Post dance journaling exercises

A chakra dance journal and a series of post dance journaling exercises will be emailed to you each week to assist in integrating your dance practice into your life

Weekly music playlists

Alex will share details of all of the music he uses during the live dance meditations each week so that you can listen to them at your convenience and discover other music you will like!

(optional) 1:1  Coaching

Optional weekly 1:1 online coaching sessions with Alex to assist you to integrate your dance into your life by clarifying goals and actions.

Dance Meditation with Alex  is a life saver for me. I absolutely love the sessions which allow me to dance my own process, to absolutely fabulous soundtracks. It is the best form of meditation.

Being an experienced Conscious Movement Dancer for the last Decade or so, I can safely say Alex is offering one of the best spaces and practices I’ve been to. Hugely grateful to have found him and to have this essential support back in my life. Thank you Alex, you truly Rock!



£200 early bird offer for the entire course until 6.2.22

£300 after 6.2.22

(email: to discuss payment by installments or our concessionary options)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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